The Journey Begins

Eleven weeks ago I made a snap decision at the suggestion of my wife and joined a gym.  I’ve been a member of other gyms before, but the experience was never a great one. I’ve now begun my twelfth week at Farrell’s Extreme Bodyshaping in New Hope with perfect attendance.  It is the best gym I’ve ever attended.  Not necessarily because it is the nicest facility…which it is nice…but really it is the people that make it so great!  The first time I walked in I felt welcomed and part of the family.

My first ten weeks were part of a 10 Week challenge that Farrell’s offers as a way to get people used to their training.  There are 3 days a week that we do cardio in the form of heavy bag kickboxing.  There are also 3 days a week that we do strength training in the form of resistance band workouts.  Yes, you did that math right, I’ve been working out 6 days a week for the last 11 weeks.  All the workouts are 45 minutes long.  The results have been staggering.  I started out on 7-11-15 weighing 314.8 pounds and having a body fat percentage of 35.5%.  At the end of the 10 week challenge, I had lost 32.6 pounds and dropped my body fat percentage to 25.8%.  That’s almost a 10% drop in body fat in 10 weeks! The reward for all the hard work has been two fold.

  1. I feel fantastic.  I’m happy, most of the time.  I have energy and enjoy doing things and seeing people.
  2. I won the 10 week challenge and was rewarded with a check for $1,000.

For some people, that would be the end of the story.  For me though, I still weigh 282 pounds, which I feel is way over my ideal weight.  I decided that the best way for me to stay motivated about getting healthy was to join the Farrell’s 1 year $10k challenge.  What that means is I’ve registered for the challenge and have committed myself to continuing on with FXB New Hope for another year.  I’ve also set some goals for myself, as part of the application process.

  1. Reduce my body fat percentage to 12%.
  2. Increase my push-up count to 60 in 60 seconds.
  3. To finally become a licensed Architect.

All three of those are challenging in their own way, but i know with the support of my wife, family and friends they are completely achievable.


2 thoughts on “The Journey Begins

  1. Usually I don’t commend on lifestyle posts, but man, I envy you. I am lying in bed right now with a broken foot and wish I could be active, like I was everyday before (10,000 steps a day).

    We had roundabout similar starting weights, by the way, and similar current weights. I got to mine with hiking alone – the aforementioned 10,000 steps.

    Best of luck with you body fat goal! Mine is in terms of BMI, but probably also similar.

    • Thanks for the comment Erik. October 2nd is my 1 year anniversary for a work accident that left me with 10 broken bones. My advice, let the bones heal and then get out there and crush it with a thankful attitude for how good you have it. I could have easily died or been paralyzed, instead I have a little pain that reminds me of how blessed I am. Best of luck on your journey.

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