I’ve heard it said that throughout our lives we go through different “seasons”.  I guess that is a nice way of saying our lives change. It has me thinking about the winter season. It has me thinking about happiness. What if happiness is the layer of ice on top of a frozen lake. I think for most people, most of the time, their lake is darn near frozen solid. There have been several times in my life when my lake is frozen solid.

The strange thing that keeps rolling through my head is that it is hard to tell how thick the ice on a lake is until you get out on it and poke a hole in it. One second you can be walking along on a frozen lake…thinking you have feet of ice beneath you, and the next second someone lobs a big rock at you…the ice cracks and in the lake you go. At least that’s how it can be for me.

What I need to try to remember is that even if I end up all wet, going out on the happy ice is worth the risk. I just need to stop bringing the jerk with the boulders out there with me.



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