My Sister, the junkie whore

Almost no one knows this, but I have a Sister.  I don’t like talking about her, because she’s a junkie whore that ruins everything she touches.

Alright, before my Mom thinks I’ve gone off the deep end, I don’t really have a Sister. I do have something that is a lot like what I imagine having a junkie whore for a Sister would be like. I have depression and anxiety. Is that how you say it? I suffer from depression and anxiety??? I struggle with depression and anxiety…lets go with that one! So let’s call this pretend Sister of mine D/A for short. Whenever she comes to town, things just tend to go to junk.

The worst part of having a Sister that’s a junkie whore, is she shows up randomly in your life for no reason. Well, sometimes there’s a reason, like at the holidays…but most of the time she pops into my life out of the blue. If D/A were a real person, maybe it’d be easier. I could just stop opening the door for her. Stop answering calls. Well, probably not…she’s my Sister right? I’m really lucky though, D/A lives out of town for the most part. There are long stretches of time that I don’t even remember that D/A is part of my life…short of the little pill I take each morning to keep her away.

I’m also blessed that D/A has never made a huge mess of my life. Overall, I have it pretty good. Great by some comparisons. Still, no matter how good we as humans have it, there always seems to be the lingering wish that it were just a little bit better. I wish D/A would move away and stay away forever. I know that in reality, it is doubtful that will ever happen.

So, what’s a guy to do? Well, I think it might be helpful for me to think of D/A as a real junkie whore! If I did have a junkie whore of a Sister, I’d do everything I could to keep her away from my family. Previously, whenever D/A would come to town, I’d sit there and hang out with her…half heartedly waiting for her to leave whenever she saw fit. From now on, I’m packing her a lunch and driving her ass to the bus station. Is it really that easy? No! But there are things that a person can do to help make it easier. My new exercise routine of 6 days a week, 45 minutes a day has been helping. Writing this article has been helping. My medication helps. Talking about it when she is in town helps.

I heard an interesting ad yesterday. It was about mental illness. It was for I haven’t finished looking at everything they have on their site, but I love the idea of it. I used to want to hide the fact the D/A was part of my life. Now, I’ve realized that she’s part of who I am. Sometimes she’ll be in town and I’ll be a little bit of a mess, but I’m hoping that driving her ass to the bus station will keep getting easier and easier.