Before and After – 10 Weeks in the Making

This post is a case of, if you are going to be embarrassed, you might as well be the one to embarrass yourself. I’ve told you how, at the suggestion of my wife, I did a 10 week weight loss challenge at Farrell’s Extreme Bodyshaping in New Hope.  I’ve told you that with her support, the guidance of my trainers and a lot of determination and hard work on my part I won the 10 week challenge. Well, I guess it’s time I show you the before and after pictures. Any day now, my poster will go up at the gym and the images will be posted to Farrell’s website…so might as well steal their thunder right?!?!


Well, as you can see, dropping 32 pounds is just a drop in the bucket for me. My face does look slimmer, I have some definition in my shoulders and I’m starting to develop a neck again.  All good things. I’m proud of my progress, while at the same time embarrassed at how out of shape I allowed myself to get. Nothing another year of hard work can’t fix!