About me

Hi there!  My name is Joe Paetzel.  I bet you are surprised by that what with the super creative URL I have for this blog.  My big brother is Josh Paetzel.  He is a guru when it comes to FreeNas and FreeBSD.  I’m not Josh.  Most of my posts are about ways I’ve managed to break FreeNas and then how my brother has helped me fix it.  Occasionally I will manage to figure something out, or at least part of it, on my own…but that is kind of rare.

I’m a custom home designer at my day job and a geek in my spare time.  OK, I’m always a geek.  Point is, I am not a professional computer/FreeBSD/Security/FreeNAS expert. If I was, I probably wouldn’t be writing about all the ways I’ve hacked different things onto FreeNAS.  Following my guides may have unintended consequences, so make sure you do your homework and understand what it is that you are doing.  My guides are akin to adding a 100 HP NOS shot to your brand new Toyota Prius.  Probably not always the smartest thing to do…but it sure is fun and can have some sweet results.  However, I’m not responsible if things end poorly for you and the rods go flying through the block.

Well, I appreciate you stopping in.  I try to respond to comments as best as I can.  If you have suggestions for a writeup that you’d like, I’m more than happy to take it.  No promises on if or when I will ever be able to get to it.

Feel free to use this handy little contact form if you want to get ahold of me.


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