4 thoughts on “To re-Write or not?

  1. Hello, Ive followed this guide, and i’m very happy it works.
    Just the missing files to start with in FreeNas 8.3 were confusing for me.

    Thanks again 😀

  2. If you upgrade, please update for the new 9.1. I assume that with the new init/shutdown script functionality, you can make the openvpn customization part of the system so it does survive firmware upgrades. That would be perfect.

    • I’m not so sure that those will do what you are hoping. The only thing I see being able to do…if it worked…would be to create a script that would add the necessary goodness to /etc/rc.conf, then start openvpn. I guess that would probably work.

      • Yeah, when I first came to your site some months ago, I read an entry about you needing help from your brother because you forgot the openvpn customization during an upgrade.

        I am exactly like you and would forget everything after a year or so. Nothing worse than trying to remember what you did after an upgrade or reinstall destroys custom-made parts.

        The way you describe it, it would be sufficient.

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